We’re happy that your student is considering membership in an Emory sorority or fraternity! Emory sorority and fraternity organizations continually strive for a balance of academic achievement and socially responsible behavior. With a rich history of over 150 years at Emory, sorority and fraternity life is one of our most enduring traditions.

Emory’s sororities and fraternities offer an academic support system including practical experience in leading committees, managing budgets, interacting with faculty and administrators as well as exposure to potential careers via a vast alumni network and the opportunity to give back through service and philanthropy projects.

We realize that many stereotypes exist about sorority and fraternity life, especially pertaining to alcohol abuse and hazing. We also understand your concern about your student’s college experience and their ability to make good choices. Our chapter leadership follows strict risk management guidelines set by the university, the headquarters, and the state of Georgia. In regards to hazing, Emory has a zero-tolerance policy. Any student or group found in violation of hazing laws or policies will be subject to disciplinary action up to, and including, expulsion from the university and criminal charges. We are proud that the members of the Emory sorority and fraternity community have worked hard to disprove the clichéd images so often seen in the media.

As with most professional organizations, membership includes certain financial obligations. All chapters are self-sufficient and each charges dues to their members. For details of the financial commitments involved, please click here.

We hope your student will be one of the approximately 43,000 alumni of an Emory sorority and fraternity organization.


Welcome Sorority and Fraternity Alumni! Below are some links that may be useful to you:

For questions about philanthropic opportunities in the Division of Campus Life, please contact development director, Jessi Arnidis.

For volunteer opportunities and advisor roles with your sorority or fraternity, please contact the chapter president.