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Strategic Planning Process Overview

Last fall, based on input from alumni, Campus Life started anew with developing a strategic plan for sorority and fraternity life at Emory. We engaged Plaid LLC, an external consultant, to conduct a survey and focus groups with students (Greek and non-Greek affiliated), alumni, faculty, and staff. Together with the Housing Roundtable Tri-Chairs*, Plaid submitted a list of recommendations to Emory Campus Life on May 10, 2017.

The next step is development of a strategic plan for sorority and fraternity life at Emory. Two working groups will focus on addressing the information presented in Plaid’s report and data from the fall 2016 survey to develop the plan. These groups will provide experience and expertise in four critical areas:

  1. financial planning and management;
  2. housing and building facilities management and operational strategy 
  3. relationship building; and 
  4. organizational self-governance, accountability, leadership, and membership education. 

Working together, these two groups will develop an overarching strategic plan for sorority and fraternity life at Emory. As a whole, the plan will provide a framework for staff, students, alumni, chapter advisors, and regional, national, and international headquarters to build trusting relationships and enhance the success and sustainability of chapters and sorority and fraternity residential spaces. 

The working groups will be interdisciplinary in nature, include membership that has a wide range of perspective, expertise, and experience, and inclusive of the Emory community.

* The Housing RoundTable tri-chairs worked with the consultant throughout the process and led the RoundTable in analyzing the data and developing recommendations. The tri-chairs included a student leader and an alumni from the sorority and fraternity community and the senior director of Housing Operations.