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Membership Costs

All of Emory’s Greek-lettered organizations are self-sufficient and each chapter (and its national office) charges dues and membership fees to every member.  Some chapters may charge dues via your Emory bursar bill, while others may collect the fees directly from you.  The amount is determined by the chapter and usually goes towards educational activities, new member education, philanthropy/service projects, and social events.  Some chapters also have one-time initiate fees which are charged to help alleviate the costs of recruitment, new member requirements such as reading materials, new member pins, etc.  Fees vary but average approximately $150 in addition to annual dues.

In addition, The Office of Residence Life and Housing charges a facility fee to all members living outside of the chapter house.   This fee covers the cost of maintaining the space and home improvements and can increase if the chapter fails to fill its house with residents.