Welcome Sorority and Fraternity members! On the left you can find pertinent information about the governing councils and chapters within the Emory Greek community.

Currently, there are nine IFC fraternities, eight Panhellenic sororities, one NPHC sorority, and one MGC fraternity on Emory’s campus.

While the OSFL manages the groups that are housed on campus, it is not responsible for the management of the facilities they are housed in.

If you have any questions regarding Greek Housing/Fees, please contact Residence Life and Housing.

Membership Costs

All of Emory’s Greek-lettered organizations are self-sufficient and each chapter (and its national office) charges dues and membership fees to every member.  Some chapters may charge dues via your Emory bursar bill, while others may collect the fees directly from you.  The amount is determined by the chapter and usually goes toward educational activities, new member education, philanthropy/service projects, and social events.  Some chapters also have one-time initiate fees that are charged to help alleviate the costs of recruitment and new member requirements such as reading materials, pins, etc.  Fees vary but average approximately $150 in addition to annual dues.

The Office of Residence Life and Housing also charges a facility fee to all members living outside of the chapter house.   This fee covers the cost of maintaining the space and home improvements and can increase if the chapter fails to fill its house with residents.

Fraternity Houses

Below you will find a list of all of the fraternities housed on campus. All houses are under the supervision of a house director, who is an Emory graduate student that lives in the house. If you would like to contact a house director, please click on their name below for their email address.

Sorority Village

Sorority Village, completed in fall 2006, features 10 townhouses facing the fraternity houses on Eagle Row. Each house between 10 - 24 women, has ample community space, a community kitchen, and a large chapter room. The following chapters currently have houses in Sorority Village: Alpha Delta Pi, Alpha Kappa Alpha,  Delta Delta Delta,  Delta Phi Epsilon, Delta Phi Lambda,  Gamma Phi Beta,  Kappa Alpha Theta, Kappa Kappa Gamma, and Sigma Delta Tau.

All women residing in the Village are required to purchase an Emory University meal plan. Sorority women who elect to live in Sorority Village will go through the housing selection process in early spring. Please consult the Residence Life website for information on the process.

Social Registration

Social Event Registration

OSFL’s Event Registration Policy:

  • Social function requests must be submitted to OrgSync for review no later than 11:59PM on the Sunday prior to the event(s).
  • Social function reviewer forms must be approved on OrgSync no later than 11:59PM on the Tuesday prior to the event(s).
  • The Office of Sorority and Fraternity Life retains the ability to deny any social event for policy violations, risk management concerns, or event registration errors / missing information.
  • Please note that quiet hours at Emory start at 12am on Sunday – Thursday and 1am on Friday and Saturday. Chapters that hold events past the point of quiet hours run the risk of receiving noise complaints.
  • No construction is allowed (Ex: putting up a tarp, fence, stage, swimming pool, etc…)
  • Events with alcohol need to have a submitted guest list (this list needs to include all event attendees – even chapter members).
  • No events will be registered that have late or incomplete reviewer forms regardless of the excuse
    • OrgSync sometimes has difficulty logging the reviewer forms when they’re completed off campus, so please take that into account and always double check!

Should you have any questions, please email Joshua Gamse.