Intersorority Council

The Intersorority Council (ISC) is the representative body that governs Emory’s PanHellenic sororities. Although the council’s main goal is to facilitate intersorority unity, it also encourages the promotion of supportive relationships between Greek men and women at Emory. The ISC derives its strength from a strong Executive Board as well as dedicated Chairs and Chapter Representatives. Each year, the ISC sets a positive example of female leadership both in the Greek system as well as throughout the Emory community.

Intersorority Council Executive Board 2013

President: Lauren Browning, ΚΑΘ
Vice President of Programming: Amanda Tendler, ΚΑΘ
Vice President of Campus Relations: Seanette Ting, ΚΑΘ
Vice President of Standards: Devin McKissic, AΔΠ
Vice President of Finance: Jessie Kuo, ΓΦB  
Vice President of Communications: Cleo Rochat, KKΓ
Vice President of Recruitment: Rebecca Rosen, ΓΦB  
Vice President of Greek Outreach: Yohanna Tesfai, ΔΦΕ

Elections for the following Chair positions will be held in February/March 2013:


Philanthropy and Service


Pi Chi Trainer